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Skills Sessions Term Program

Brazilian Soccer Schools Skills Sessions Term programs occur in line with the Australian School Terms. These programs are designed to provide that extra edge for either individual players or whole teams.


Term programs run for the duration of both the football season and off season and are a great way to enhance your technical football skills. Specific positional tactics are also covered in these sessions.


For players aged 6-14 this is a great chance to train an extra night per week. In Australia most young players simply do not train enough hours in a week to make a real difference to their game. We provide that additional training so many young players and their families are looking for.


When the program is delivered to whole teams, improvements are immediate. We work closely with the team coach and assist in both technical and tactical aspects of the teams play. We will even come and watch the team play on the weekend, so that any areas of need can be addressed at training. If you have a team that could use a helping hand consider our Team Term Program, which can run for 5, 10 or 15 sessions.

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